• Self-empowerment & neurocognitive enhancement research

    Trough the SDA Bocconi, I was participating in a neurocognitive enhancement research in collaboration with: The neurocognitive enhancement interventions used in the study combine breathing exercises and water-breathing interruptions (experimental intervention), or mindfulness practices supplemented by a neurofeedback device/gadget (active…

  • Dynamic Maze Path Finder

    I encountered one CTF challenge, where the key to the flag was the sequence of letters, but there were two catches: 1) You should find and submit the answer in less than 45 seconds. 2) After the countdown, you could…

  • Is Elon Musk making the deal of the year 2022?

    Elon Musk is quite mainstream lately and the acquisition of Twitter definitely created some movement across the internet (actually since from the "joke offer tweet" that Musk initiated). Let's see what kind of questions is this tech acquisition leaving.

  • Hello world!

    Unfortunately all my posts from 2015, due to some database problem got lost, but nevertheless, will make my blog 2.0 even better. Thanks to all the readers and supporters. #rakartech